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Flame shooting magic wand

Flame shooting magic wand

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Introducing the Flame shooting magic wand - a true marvel straight out of the wizarding world of Harry Potter! This meticulously crafted wand is not your ordinary magical tool. With its extraordinary power, it has the ability to conjure and control mesmerizing flames at your command, just like the most skilled witches and wizards.

A special quickly-burning paper is inserted into the wand. The paper is then heated up by a coil in the wand. After pressing a button the wand shoots out the paper accompanied with a magical burning effect. This paper practically burns instantly in the air, making its use relatively  safe. This effect is also used in wizard performances when filming movies.

Each wand is made with attention to detail - the wand's design is an exact replica of those held by your favorite movie characters. Using the wand is 100% safe when basic instructions are followed. The wand is rechargeable, and a charging cable is included in the packaging. Each wand comes in an authentic collector's box. The packaging also includes quickly-burning "flash" paper for approximately 100 shots. We recommend adding a spare refill to your basket when ordering a wand to enjoy even more shots and save on shipping.

Before use, it is important to read the instructions along with the safety guidelines included in the packaging.

If you are interested in a wand of a character we do not sell, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do everything to fulfill your wish."

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Important instructions

How to use

  1. Read the safety instructions carefully before first use.
  2. Switch the ON-OFF switch to the OFF position.
  3. Before first use, charge the wand with the charging cable that was included in the package. You can connect the USB connector to a charging adapter (for example from a mobile phone) or to a computer. There is a charge status indicator on the charging cable - when it lights up red, the wand is charging, and when the light goes out, the wand is charged. After charging, disconnect the charging cable.
  4. Cut or tear off an approximately 5 cm x 2 cm sized piece from the attached "flash" paper and roll it up to make a 2 cm long roll.
  5. Make sure the ON-OFF switch is in the OFF position. Then insert the rolled filling into the stick. You can help insert it deeper with the attached wooden tool. Push the paper in so that you feel it touch the bottom. To avoid a misfire, do not push it too hard.
  6. Switch the ON-OFF switch to the ON position. You can then shoot with the trigger on the body of the wand. You only need to hold the trigger until the wand fires, which should be within 3 seconds of pressing it. However, most of the time, the wand fires instantly.
  7. When reusing, always switch the ON-OFF switch to the OFF position before inserting a new filling.
  8. If the cartridge does not fire, switch the ON-OFF switch to the OFF position, wait 2 minutes and then carefully clean the cartridge chamber with a toothpick.
  9. Store the flash paper in a dry environment and use it within 6 months of purchase. Improper or prolonged storage may result in degradation of the material and deterioration of the filling.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stanislav Čačko

Prútik je ideálny darček pre fanúšikov HP. Má krásne balenie a funguje parádne. Zo začiatku treba vyskúšať veľkosť papierika a časom to už bude mať človek zmáknuté. Funguje podľa očakávaní a predstáv. Obdarovanej urobil veľkú radosť a celá rodina mala o program postarané. Odporúčam.

Adam H.
Pevná konštrukcia

Na prútiku sa mi páčilo že sa neohýba. A potešil aj Slovenský návod s inštrukciami na skladanie papiera, čo môže chvílu trvať sa správne naučiť.

Lukas S.
Bez problemov

S prútikom nebol žiadny problem. Zo začiatku mi nešlo dobre strielať ale keď som sa naučil ako správne poskladať papier do prútika tak do teraz bez problémovo striela do dialky.

Kristina M.

Funguje bez problemov ale na jedno nabitie vydrzi len cca 20 vystrelov. Kazdopadne nabije sa celkom rychlo.

Roman B.

Prútik strieľa slušne ale je potrebné odhadnúť veľkosť papierika aby bol ten efekt čo najlepší. Potešilo pekné balenie.